Maggie Rodriguez Testimonials

“Maggie really knew the market well and provided extremely honest and professional services. She got my house sold when other agents could not – and did it quickly. Maggie is my real estate agent for life!”

– Beth R.

“She is an extremely responsive and a get-it-done type of real estate agent. She really cared about my bottom line and didn’t pressure me at all. I will be doing further business with Maggie. She is a great real estate agent and a good person.”

– David B.

“Maggie is a sweet lady who knows her stuff! She guided us from listing to closing with an expertise that was impressive. She was extremely knowledgeable about our area’s history, listings and sales. She was always available to answer our numerous questions in a professional and helpful manner. We would definitely recommend her to anyone and would not hesitate to call her in the future.”

– T. Worden

“I have been dealing with Maggie for many years as an investor. As an out-of-state real estate investor, Maggie guided me to procure the best deals, and when it came to selling my properties, she was able to find great buyers. The best thing about Maggie is her commitment to work, and she has a great network. I highly recommend her.”

– Z. Shantariq

“Maggie was very professional and attentive to all the details during the whole process. She was able to find and negotiate with the buyer quickly. I highly recommend Maggie, and I will use her services in the future.”

– U. Arnaldo

“To be honest, I was very careful when I approached her to be the seller and buyer agent for a deal my brother was trying to get. The main reason was in the past, I had dealt with people who were untrustworthy, but Maggie turned that around and gained my trust right away. She showed me that she cares and knows what she is doing. She worked the deal really well and took the time to explain every step to the parties involved.”

– D. Ashiel

“I spoke to a variety of different real estate agents who showed me a variety of homes, and then I found Maggie. When making such a large decision, I wanted to work with someone I could trust. Through the last several months, Maggie was there every step of the way. She always answered every call or email, no matter what time of day or night it was. Her professionalism, knowledge, honesty and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. I never felt that she was just trying to sell me a house but that she was a mentor, answering my questions and helping me make the best decision for my family. I now consider Maggie a friend and would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for a new home.”

– V. Nuevas

Luxury 360 Group Testimonials

“Thanks to the Luxury 360 Group, I have peace of mind and confidence that my next real estate sale will be as smooth and hassle-free as this one, no matter where I am.”

– Sylvia C.

“The Luxury 360 Group was extremely professional, helpful and a delight to work with. Maggie is very responsive and gives great advice. She worked to resolve issues promptly and was fun to work with!”

– Lynn Y.

“Luxury 360 Group called me when they saw a condo sale was not successful. They sent us a professional market report about the services they could offer. They were diligent in their follow-up without any pressure.”

– Judith L.

“Even though I was 1,500 miles away, the Luxury 360 Group handled any and every situation that arose so that I didn’t have to micromanage the situation.”

– Lili W.